Thursday, July 29, 2021

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  • Music Theory: Learn All Key Signatures ► PREVIEW
  • Music Theory: Triads & 7th Chords (for ANY level musician!) ► PREVIEW
  • Range Building Level 1-5 ► PREVIEW
  • Range Building 6-10 ► PREVIEW
  • Range Building 11-15 (and beyond!) ► PREVIEW



Coming soon:

  • All-State Audition Scale Boot Camp
  • Learn all major and minor scales & arpeggios
  • Double & Triple Tonguing (and doodle tonguing)
  • Natural Slurs
  • More fun exercises, etudes, and play-along tracks
  • Practice guides for ear training
  • Learn improvisation vocabulary (a comprehensive start to improvisation)
  • New courses uploaded often! (usually monthly!)

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