Thursday, July 29, 2021

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1st Place: “Dawn to Dusk” by Zachary McKinon (14 – Florida, USA)

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Zachary was (at the time) a high school freshman trombone player. He has been composing for about one year.

2nd Place: “Slide Rites” by James DeCaro (30 – Minnesota, USA)

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James studied Music Education and Trumpet Performance at Lawrence University.

3rd Place: “A Cheeky Little Breeze” by Seb Skelly (19 – London, UK)

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Seb studies Creative Music Technology at the University of Surrey.

Honorable Mention:

“Swings and Slides” by Matt Eden (17 – Derby, UK)

Other Finalists (Alphabetical):

“Ananas” by Bjørnar Utne-Reitan (20 – Oslo, Norway)
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“Cyan Spells” by Bryce Stout (16 – Nevada, USA)
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“Grooves in Bone” by David McCoy (25 – Eastern Cape, South Africa)
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“Salsa de San Antone” by Brian Fagan (19 – Texas, USA)
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“Sand Dunes” by Jacob Rollins (21 – Arizona, USA)
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“Sky Turtle” by John W. Baumgartner (25 – Minnesota, USA)
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